The Diary of a Looming Deadline

People seem to fear me, I don’t know why. I am the sweetest thing you could ever come across. I don’t frighten people unless they want to be afraid me, in which case I oblige. I love to have people see me coming along and react without any adverse reaction, sadly this doesn’t happen often. Only people who others call “nerds” (I think it’s the word), have no problem with me. Those are my kind of people. They don’t call me names, they look at me with distaste very rarely, and best of all, they honour me!

Now there are those people who hate me, and see me as the enemy. It really hurts when they complain about how I am looming over them, it is very unfair, it is not in my control where I am set down on the calendar. I just try to pass each day like it is my last, because I have to keep hopping from one day to the next. You know, when they postpone me, or when they throw me out and affix me to some other task. When this happens, I know I did my best and can peacefully move onto the next person.

Those people who never keep to me, but never complain about me because I don’t even really exist for them– they make me feel so under-valued. I sometimes wonder what I did wrong for these people I never even meet until I must leave to be so unhappy with me. I will soon be forced to leave them, that is when they notice me, blame me, get angry with me or continue to ignore me.I don’t know which I find more insulting-when they refuse to acknowledge me or when they acknowledge my existence but bemoan it. How would they feel if I did that to them? I am so loving of them—I  wait for them, I keep on dragging my heels, while they drag theirs until they finally feel motivated enough to fulfill my requirements.

Maybe one day I will cease to be such a burden, and be embraced the way I deserve to be, as a challenge they must face head-on and work to complete with all their effort! Instead I am ridiculed with half-hearted, pathetic attempts to appease some unimportant and often invisible master.

Humans have the oddest personality problems, I have never met another entity with so many inconsistencies in the make-up of its features. I don’t know what they would do if they didn’t have me and my brethren to keep them in check. Luckily, they haven’t figured out that without them giving power to us, we wouldn’t be able to cause this totally unwanted dread and even fear in the hearts of their young and old.

Now I must go and cause some anxiety to a few students and employees around the world, while my friends do the same in the rest of the countries.


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