Honesty has never been so entertaining

Watching the Honest Trailers has become one of my addictive past-times. If you love funny videos that make fun of some of your favourite movies, the Honest Trailers are the best thing you can come across.

As part of my fortnightly YouTube binges, I watch a bunch of the Honest trailers, in addition to more serious material like TED talks and actual movie trailers. The clips just call to me, and pretty soon I see that three hours have passed since I opened the first YouTube tab. It’s no wonder, what with the numerous links, my compulsive need to open them, and the slow buffering of the videos. I really cannot expect anything to get done on those evenings.

What I wonder about is why the trailers are so appealing, when they make fun of movies we actually loved. Maybe, it is because they pick on the faults we noticed in the movies, and never had the confidence to mock with such brash charm (an oxymoron, I am aware).

Whatever the case, the commentator (Jon Bailey) has a huge fan-base, and Screen Junkies take on these movies is absolutely hilarious. The brand of humour appeals on a different level than great literary critics or whomever appeal to intellect, but it is infinitely more interesting to watch Bailey rip a movie to shreds than to read some critic’s written review. This is  because of the freedom they have online compared to “serious” critics, but I wonder if their work doesn’t reflect the sort of thing people would like to see more than the traditional ‘3 out of 5 stars’ boring write-ups. They have re-invented the review to make it a much more engaging event in anyone’s day.

A couple of my favourites of the Honest Trailers include the ones about Divergent, The Hunger Games, Frozen, Iron Man 3, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, and of course The Hunger Games. I won’t include the Twilight trailers, because there really is no point, the movies mock themselves without any one else trying.

The Honest Trailers were created by Andy Seignor and Brett Weiner as a part of the shows on the Screen Junkies channel on You Tube. They have more than 2 million subscribers, and this speaks to their abilities better than I can.


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