Dammit! I just got used to 2014

A year. It seems like such a long time. A second can seem like enough time, under the right circumstances, but a year? A year can seem monumental or unbelievably short,any measure of time can. The last day of the year is a good day to get introspective I guess, provided you aren’t a serial killer or something else equally disturbing.

I digress, December 31st, 2014, it is just another day, but when it sends, you have to start getting used to dating things XX-XX-15. Sometimes this seems like the hardest part of a new year, remembering to date the year correctly. Maybe it is only a big deal to me, I am sort of calendar obsessed.

It upsets me that I probably  won’t be alive for the next 12-12-12 or 04-04-04, unless science really kicks it up a notch in terms of lengthening life spans. My joy when the day, the month and the year are in some way in accordance is very disproportionate, but what the heck, we all have our own idiosyncrasies, and as they go, this isn’t such a rare one.

In any event, as people are going about, welcoming the new year, I am sitting here and thinking, “Dammit! I just got used to thinking it was 2014!”