The best feeling in the world

I love getting my hair cut. There is nothing like the feeling of a new hairstyle and the crisp ends of your hair brushing your neck. I love the idea that I get to change my hairstyle, even if I do go back to the old one in a couple of days.

As I was riding home today, I spontaneously decided I was going to go get the haircut I have been pining for these past few weeks. I dropped my bag off at home, grabbed my helmet, changed my footwear, took my wallet out of my bag, and I was ready in a snap of a finger. I hopped back on the bike and took off, naturally indicating and honking the horn as and when required to remain a cautious but excited motor-cyclist.

Though it took the lady a whole five minuted to cut my hair, I felt I got my money’s worth as I brushed it later.

For some reason, I associate a new haircut with a new start, don’t ask me to what! A haircut has just as much power as the first day of a vacation, you feel like you can do anything, even though you know, as a rational person– there are limits to ‘anything’.

The best part is that you can get a haircut whenever you want, an option sadly lacking from the whole vacation situation.


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