Conflicted about TV

Lately, watching TV makes me wonder why I like it so much. Is it because I finally wonder about why I find it so engrossing? Or maybe because reading has become a more serious activity? I suppose it is all a matter of personality, though psychology-naysayers would call this a nonsense opinion.

I hope that my TV watching will help me with other stuff that I face in life, like what not to do in certain situations, and it actually has in the past. Don’t get out of the car if you know an assassin is standing two feet away, hidden behind another car. By extension, try and drive a smaller car, less space for a person to hide in the back seat or behind. Definitely avoid all creepy, empty parking lots (i.e. in America, UK, etc.), but don’t worry, in India the lots are filled with way more people than it requires to maintain a working system of parking. I also know I should travel in a large group if I am going into a haunted house, or if I am getting creepy text messages. I know that one secret will inevitably lead to more and that first secret will be nothing compared to the ones that result from blackmail, etc. Always keep some sort of weapon at hand, even if it is just a pencil (Those things can poke an eye out!).

These are some of the more obvious things I learned from TV, then there is all the completely useless information that I can feel whirling around my head through the neural pathways. Every time I think of some plot line or other, I know that it is less likely I will forget it. If only the material handed out by educational institutions was as easy to recall! 

I keep revisiting this topic in my mind. I wonder if my brain is  becoming mushier every time I start to watch another series. Or by some scientific anomaly, am I able to watch everything I want without turning into the idiot we have all heard of. Now that would be a totally interesting plot line for a show. It isn’t like people have anything better to do. I mean there are more than 200 Indian reality shows that have actually had a large viewership, why not another pointless piece of entertainment that is meant to keep people completely unable to think for themselves?