Pedestrian vs. biker

Every time I ride my motorcycle through Bangalore I wonder at the absolute insanity of some of my fellow commuters.

For instance, I know that indicators were invented for a reason, but hundreds of other people really don’t seem to.  Even when they know that a simple push of a button to turn the indicator on could save a lot of trouble (and lives) people insist on swerving into your path like they don’t care if you crash into them. At least look in your mirrors before you do this, you uncouth monkeys! But even that is too difficult when you are riding far over what the speed limit and common sense dictate.

Everybody is always in a hurry, and drive/ride like they really don’t care what happens to other people on the road. And if they are riding slowly, they do it in the most annoying way possible, basically in the middle of the road or blocking any possibility of overtaking them. And that leads me to another point, these slow-movers rarely move to a side unless you make it sufficiently inconvenient for them to keep ignoring you, i.e. by creating a racket with your high-pitched horn.

The horn method also works on pedestrians who casually stroll without any sense of urgency while crossing the road, or those pedestrians that stand in the middle of the road admiring the sky or whatever, or even those pedestrians who insist on walking on the road when there is a perfectly good pavement built for their use.

Now, I must come to the other part of my rant, being a pedestrian in a world dominated by law-breaking riders who ride on the aforementioned pavements, who ride way too fast on small roads where there really is no pavement, who insist on installing really loud annoying horns, who have no mufflers so they roar and make the earth shake( this is a general complaint as a person who is easily disturbed by loud sounds, especially during the first couple of stages of the sleep cycle)!

This feels like a topic that could go on forever so I will stop myself before you think I am the most annoying person who ever ranted. 😛