Foreigners making a culture their own.

Shoutout to Megumi Deepak Sakakida-her art at the Rangoli Metro Centre is graphic-novelesque and featured a lot of shoes & food! Two of my favourite things, much like many other people. What is really interesting is how Megumi payed so much close attention to the food and really captured what it looks like so skillfully. And the cute white-coloured creature with a yellow scarf/collar (identified as a dog) seems like a good signature. Other artists have symbols that mark a work as theirs, Megumi’s is just cuter and more vital to her paintings.

Talking to other people about her exhibit, the general impression I got was that her art is even more special because she is a foreigner who came to Karnataka and took such an interest in Indian culture that she could so accurately paint it. I don’t know how I feel about this, Many people would say, “It is so amazing to see a Japanese person come and draw such Indian things.” Others would probably get all gungho and strongly voice their opinion, “So what is she is Japanese and can now speak Kannada and write it? We learn foreign languages too and we go to other countries.” These are two sides of an argument as I see it, but as we all know, there are never only two sides to an issue. People in my General English class would definitely attest to that.

I was hoping someone might share what they think about this, or not. This is just me thinking on to the keyboard (quite literally) or lets go with “out loud” in a metaphorical, and more poetic sense.